Installing TRS19 disk (yes, contains images for help)


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This post contains some useful info for new comers. If this can be a sticky post, that’ll be appreciated, so it won't get lost.
So, you just received your box copy of TRS19 – exciting moment. Since I seen a few posts about issues with installation from disk 1, but I personally haven’t experienced any issues, I’m going to share my experience. Hopefully it’ll serve as a helping grounds (shrugs).

First step is obesely, click on the TRS19 installer that’s on the disk

Then go through all of the steps for the installer.

When this screen appears as frozen / black with the words ‘not responding’, DO NOT FORCE CLOSE. Its now reading from disk to your drive and doing the require configurations in the background. Just let it do its thing – usually anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on computer hardware setup.

Once the background configurations are done, you’ll be promoted for disk 1. Just go into the folder that’s on the disk and select the patch-1a.bin file.

Then insert disk 2 and select the .bin file that’s there. Easy.

Now you just wait for the installation to be finished.


You should’ve received a serial number with your box copy of TRS19. You’ll need to register it twice in two separate areas.
The first place will be here: This will add the game to your account.

The second place you’ll have to register the same serial number will be here: This adds the authorised content to your account so they will activate, and will install your content from the disk without any problems (well, most cases anyway).

Installing content

Now that TRS19 core game files are installed, all you have to do is install your content. Its super easy, but before you do, you must log into TRS19 with the account that has the TRS19 and content setup on, or else you’ll receive unable to connect to DRM servers.

To install items from disk, file > install purchased items from disk…

Then select the edition of TRS19 you ordered. If you ordered the full world edition, then you’ll install all of the content folders from disk 2, and all from disk 3 & 4. If you purchased one of the regional editions, then you can still install the full world edition, but they simply won’t activate (will show as install, payware (not active)), or you might receive some kind of DRM error. I can’t share the screenshot of this, as I own the full world edition.

Wrap up

And there you have it. TRS19 with everything all setup and ready to go. Feel free to reply here, I might be able to help, but there are also other community members willing as well ;)
Now, go have some fun

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