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I see I was beating a dead horse on the thread questioning if Frank was leaving the community. I'm sorry, TrainMan12. I see I've kinda been acting stupid over that. But hey, If I want 04 Leaser SD40's so bad, I should do the skim myself! Shouldn't I.
That okay I understand what you talk about that so maybe I do can make do anything do for you or you want by yourself so that all alright:)

Edit: Also, if you want know where is Sporbust's stuff of downloads a locos and etc so here the website....

And some in download stuffs too...
You do reskins dnutter?

hmmm ok see what happen I can be good be skill by myself because this is my first time make me lot nervous and panic too so I decide so gonna do it I try taking learning more lot more than:)

And what that is leaser SD40? :confused:
Not open for further replies.