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Struggling to get the 'smooth spline' tool to work on track, I have applied a ts12 ground to rule out PBR but now stumped, any suggestions please?
I have set up a test route with bare ground and the problem persists - am I the only one? Fresh install?

Edit: It's not me, the same operation works perfectly in TRS19.
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That tool is working perfectly well for me in build 122418 and the latest beta build. Can you describe exactly what you are seeing before and after using the tool?
Just to test my sanity I add a bump in the ground (TRS19), lay track across it and hit the smooth tool and it flattens it.
Doing the same in '22 the ground just shimmers but no flattening. As an experiment, if I add a spline point in the centre of the bump then set its height to zero the smooth tool operates as normal.
It is early in the morning here so I'll download a separate install of '22 and see how that goes, thanks for replying.

Edit: Same with the fresh install but I'll stick with this one as it didn't CTD.....
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Did you set the spline point at the end of the track to a fixed height? If not the ground will not smooth out as the spline points tend to move with the ground.
I can only go on how I used the tool in 10, 12, Tane and '19. Place the track at zero height and any irregularities in height will smooth out. This is not happening without an intervening spline point set at zero height.
I have also noticed bumpy track where it had been previously smoothed when laid.
I'll try to find a way to demonstrate.

Edit I find hitting 'adjust spline height' first then hitting 'smooth spline height' second does the trick.
Having '19 and '22 open on the second screen shows the first operation is not required with '19.
I can live with that and carry on building.
thanks for the replies.
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