Slow Shut Down time


Crabby Old Geezer
I had been working in Surveyor/Driver, and I saved my work, which only took less than a minute, then when I went to close to the Main Menu, it took almost 30 Minutes to get to that point!!! What the heck is going on? Why does it take so long for TRAINZ 2019 to close? VERY frustrating. And by the way.... I had to re-install TRS 2019 a few months ago (see my thread on "Do Not Delete TANE) but the icon on the desktop says TRS22. The opening screen says Trainz +... I don't know what to believe anymore. I don't know which version of Trainz I'm working on. The version says 116492. And one other thing that has torked my jaw.... When I went to use a texture in my Favorites menu, it was missing. I clicked on a scene in the route that had that texture and it popped up a square on the texture menu that was white with a red exclamation mark and said PBR. Wahhhh! I want my texture back!!! Dang this game can be so damn frustrating........ Sheesh
I have not played the game but I can try to help. You can try looking at usage of CPU, RAM and disk drives in Windows with the help of Task Manager and Resource Monitor. The latter allows to see all the files that are being used by the game process (PID = Process ID) and sort them by read, write or combined (R+W) speed. If you do not see anything suspisious there, then you can monitor the load of your video card with the help of GPU-Z tool.
That's a very old build of TRS22 (for PC) Dave. See this post from the forums in May 2022:
There have been a huge number of updates (and beta builds) since then.
Current (non-Plus or beta) version build is 122411. You owe it to yourself to update to this stable version at least.
Many problems affecting build 116492 have been fixed in subsequent release updates. There's no good reason to remain on that build.
Yes, curious. When you reinstalled TRS19 were you sure you were running the TRS19 Installer? Did you do the install to your TRS19 data folder and not to a TRS22 data folder? Just wondering if something got cross-pollinated.
In my records I show 116492 as released on 2/11/22. My notes have it as the final 5.0 (and the pre-release of 5.1) and it converts TRS19 to TRS22.

From the info page about the release. Note what I made bold.
Trainz Plus 114800 to 116492 *Note this converts TRS19 to TRS22 and requires your content path to be updated.

Here's the post about the release:
Shutdown times can be long if the route is really huge and has a lot of content. I've seen up to 10 minutes to close my route I've worked on for many hours at a time. I noticed too that if I keep my hard drive defragmented because I use a regular large (12 TB) hard disk to hold my Trainz content, that helps a lot.

With the long shutdown, never, ever kill the Trainz process in Task Manager. Let the process complete because Trainz is closing out files that belong to your route, and if the program is shut down without closing the files, this can and will corrupt the route beyond repair requiring a restore backup.