Slapton - Bolton Abbey: Level Crossing Issue


Learning... slowly!
I've just installed the above route today.

I've previously had it on Mac 1 and on TS12 with no problems, but on TSMac2, at both level crossings between Bolton Abbey and Embsay there is no railway track crossing the road. I've tried bridging the gap by adding track but the new track won't latch to the old so that's a non-starter. I can only assume there's something missing but I don't know how to work out what. I'm pretty sure all the missing/faulty deps are just foliage.

Does anyone know what's meant to be in there?

EDIT: Tested last night on TSMac1 - theres no visible difference either on the map view or on the route itself, but every time I run trains across that level crossing on Mac2 it's throwing them off the track. :(