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I"ve just been running a "Jolly Fisherman" train from Grantham to Sleaford with a pair of Class 20s and I was idly wondering whether anyone had built or was building the Skegnass branch from Sleaford ? I had many happy "bashes" there in 1980-81 and I took one shot at Skeg with 2 x 25s , 2 x 20s , a 31 and a 45!
Well, I think I was up to the job by building the Central Trains Network (which I have not done for a while). I currently have it up from Sleaford to Ruskington (towards Lincoln) and Boston (towards Skegness) but no further for some reason (probably got bored from it or something).
Well Lincolnshire is a little flat (all those ****** level crossings but I"ve got the whole of it (didn"t build it) except Sleaford - Skeg. Cheers.
I've made a start from Firsby but I've got a few problems to sort out before I continue. At this time I am not planning to go any further south than the Junction at Midville though.
Sounds good.BTW I did a search for "Spalding Station" the other day and it came up with one site which has photos of the last day of the East Lincolnshire Railway and several nice phots of Firsby.When I walked it in 1982 I think the only thing left was the goods shed...:(
I'm also trying to work in the Spilsby Branch but there is so little to see from maps and sat. images. Even taking a walk around the track bed shows little or no clues.
I'm also trying to work in the Spilsby Branch but there is so little to see from maps and sat. images. Even taking a walk around the track bed shows little or no clues.

Ah, that's easily sorted. Put the co-ordinates into, or type Spilsby in the search, and there you are! The co-ordinates will help you get the scale right BTW. NOTE - When the map pops up go into enlarged view. Now if you open and follow the same view as you'll pick the track bed out more easily.

Same with Spalding Alan.

Cheers, Dave
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I know theres a book on the Spilsby branch -I remember they had it in the Ian Allan bookshop in Waterloo - I think its by the Oakwood Press.I took a photo of Halton Holgate station in 82 and I"ll try to find the neg and e-mail it to you.
I know theres a book on the Spilsby branch -I remember they had it in the Ian Allan bookshop in Waterloo - I think its by the Oakwood Press.I took a photo of Halton Holgate station in 82 and I"ll try to find the neg and e-mail it to you.

That would be nice, thanks. I notice you mention you have the whole of the Lincolnshire network which you say you didn't build. Is that a 3rd party route I don't know about?

Thanks for the tip Dave, just went to have a quick look - 'Closed for Maintainance' Just my luck. :mad: I've never used that site before but I certainly will in the future.

BTW, I've just been reading a little snippet - Morrels siding at Bardney was seen with such importance that on odd times in it's hay day, Brits were used in 'shunting Duties' there, running down light from Immingham.

It seems the book by Oakwood is part of the Locomotive Papers but I can't find out if it's still in print.

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The Skeggy line is being built as part of the ECML route from Kings Cross to Edinburgh all 383 miles !! for the Deltic Preservation Society. It also includes secondary routes including this line and many others. Deltics used to work this line on Summer Saturdays trains from London and of course not forgetting those 20's on the Jolly Fisherman trains as lewisner said.

We have the whole section from Nottingham - Skeggy built. West of the ECML is just track mind you. Some certain well known Gentlemen who built the original ECML route Andy and Garth are building this including the Jointline with also Graham and LieLestoSbrat. It also includes the Newark - Nottingham section now no more.

If anyone would like to help with this project you would be very welcome content or route builders. It would be very appreciated. :) We have private 50 hour driving weekends at Chesterfield driving the Deltic simulator which has all the cab controls working on the route we are producing. Working to real timetables in real time with shift patterns (sleeping) etc. The simulator is also used with 20's,40's etc and even steam !!

Hi Stuart, unfortunately I lost your address when my PC crashed but I found that when I restored it and installed SP1 the ECML route worked - apparently the reason why it didn"t work before was because I didn"t have SP1 before.If you"re interested to see my progress so far I could send you it.Mention of Deltics and Skegness rankles a bit - I remember in one day in summer 1981 I achieved the hat trick of 3 Deltics to Cleethorpes and felt pretty pleased with myself till I found a 55 had visited Skeg the same day.I think it was No 13? "Groan"..:eek: At least I had 55013 to Scarborough..:DP.S the route now stands at 500 Mb.
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Ah yes I was on 13 to Skeggy that day as I knew it was booked to work this. It was 13's 18th birthday. We cracked open a bottle of champagne as it was my mates favourite machine. Arrived back at Grantham 25 mins early on one powerunit !! :D 1979 I think without looking in my haulage book.

Would love to see your route now. I'll send you my new addy. Don't tell me about PC problems. Everyone please do make a copy of your routes you are building onto a DVD or something every so often !! You never know when a hard drive is going down.

As everyone has different amounts of time available to build a section of route I try to make sure no one has too much. And if possible to be local to where they live or a certain section which the route builder themselves would like to build. Even to the extent of a new route that the builder would like to join onto the ECML for themselves. Look down this page for an idea of what is being built I'm a bit naughty and haven't updated it for some time but gives everyone an idea.

It was definitely 1981 when I heard of a Deltic going to Skeg.I"m sure I wrote it in my diary, on tear stained pages...:mad:
13 went to Skeggy on 15th Setember 1979 on the following 1D07 09:12 King's Cross - Skegness and 1A38 13:35 Skegness - King's Cross return. As far as I can remember no Deltic went to Skeggy in 81 but of course I may be wrong :confused:

This site may be of intrest to you and shows every known Deltic working. In sub sections of years and loco number - Just click the 1961-1981 button top left.

Last Deltic daytime train at Sleaford was 55009 on the Deltic Broadsman 19th Dec 1981.

Those were the days :) :)

Can for the time being still travel behind them on the mainline. Get it while you can.

A bit off topic but heres an entry from my diary Saturday 29/9/81 to make you groan "caught 1E40 (47526) to Doncaster arr 03.12,saw 55002 on 1N12 , caught 1D62 to Hull with 55007 arr 04.50 , 05.58 DMU to Doncaster arr 07.05 , 07.10 DMU to York , was going to catch 1A08 with 55010 but heard 55013 was at Scarborough , caught 08.46 to Scarborough with 31275 (passed by 55009 on Filey - Newcastle at Ganton!) arr 09.40 , had 55013 0n 1A37 to Newark.Then DMU to Lincoln Central for 37193 on 1N13 to Doncaster". Not bad eh?:cool:
That's good haulage and a nice collection of motive power. Most of us who started the DPS in 1977 would go out bashing at weekends. The washing powder - percil tickets were used (free train tickets in return for buying tons of washing powder !! ) Had the cleanest clothes around. If everything produced on the diagrams we would bash could get quite close to 1,000 miles of Deltic haulage in a 24 hr period including the overnight diversions. It was a close shave sometimes as arriving at a station would need to run over the footbridge and get on a Deltic just leaving taking you back where you had just come from !! :confused:

Getting back to Trainz !! Driving the Hull Executive on our ECML route from Kings Cross to Hull in the Deltic simulator needs one hell of a skill of driving to keep to time. This was and still is the fastest diesel hauled train in Britain which finished Deltic hauled in Jan 1980. Now everything is mostly units including HST or toys as we would call them.

Driving the Trainz simulator is mind-blowing realistic. I would recommend it to anyone coming to Barrow Hill, Chesterfield. A good time would be the diesel gala on 14/15 July. Or if you fancy helping out with the route building etc we have private driving events quite often.;) Martyn and myself who wrote the software which 'talks' to Trainz are there most weekends.

Anyone into Napier music may be interested that one of our Deltics - Alycidon is running on the North York's Moors Railway at next weekends 3 day diesel gala.