signals are on the wrong side


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I'd like to place my signals on the right side of the track facing the train. I havn't been able to do so they all go on the C&NW side (left). Could it be that I am trying to do so on a layout that I merged and the builder had it set up that way?
When you start a layout, make sure you set the correct region, then lay the track in the direction of travel. When you place signals they SHOULD then appear on the correct side of the track. Hope this helps.

Signals setup

It is the type of signal that determines what side they will be on. Most of the usa signals will be placed to the right but there are some that go on the left. You must have unknowingly picked lefthanded signals;) . Look down the list for the same type but different group of signals.:D
The CNW was a left-running railroad so their signals are different from the rest of the country.

You might want to try using Vistamare's Trainz Map to change the other signals to the ones you are using. I'd make sure I had a good back up before doing this just in case the results are not what I wanted.