Sierra #3 Beta


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She is definitely a beauty, I'll say. The owner allowed me to beta her in TS09. Works like a charm! She's still being worked on and the height will be properly proportionate. Just give the owner some time and a crayon.
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With the aid of an anonymous link on DA i to am now a part of the 3 spot Beta for trainz 2012 and she runs like a charm!
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Newest version of Sierra #3, released to us beta testers last night.

I just downloaded this engine from the erecting hall and I'm missing the script. The website says to get the script from jointed rail, but I can't find it. Is there anyway you (or anyone reading this) can help?
The script is question is lilb's locomotive script. Just grab it from JointedRail in the dependencies section or grab one of his steamers.