Show off your reskins!

Some fictional commuter trains I've been toying around with the past two weeks...

PVR F40PH by JointedRail
Bi-Level cars by Yukonzoom
Gallery cars by Magicland/ProTrainz
F59PH, MP40PH-3C, BL36PH and Alma Valley Railway by davesnow
GE Genesis and Shoreliner/Comet cars by trw1089
make the stripe darker or less saturated then, it's basically #FF0000 red and using colors like that is just kinda not ideal. maybe instead of just moaning that it's a train issue, you should take steps to mitigate it. but hey it's your funeral
By the way, can you at least capitalize your sentences.
The final Rock Island locomotives, seven GP40-2 rebuilds. 3000-3004 were completed while 3005-3007 were still being rebuilt upon shutdown.

Nice looking stuff, Dart!

Ignore the rivet counters and nitpickers, they don't know how to have fun.

Some fictional commuter trains I've been toying around with the past two weeks...

...and now with matching hi-rail trucks that I cobbled together earlier today, including a few familiar faces. ;)

Ford F-250 Hi-Rail by justinroth (JMR)
South Bay Commuter Express by PerRock (American Trainz Group)
Alma Valley Railway by davesnow
Fictional license plates from Need For Speed series
Here are some CCR (Canadian Continental Railroad) boxcars I released a month ago. They are Scarlet with Golden Yellow stencils. The design livery on these cars were experiments before deciding upon a "Multi-directional Diamond Logo" which I'll also include here on this thread. They're available to the DLS. These assets have no texturing on purpose because they are supposed to be new "fresh paints" out of the shops. The pictures are courtesy of Hiawathamr. Dave Snow is the original author and content creator of this asset. I merely reskinned it.




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