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Old Man
Hi all,
Hoping someone can help.I have tried naming the signal box Kuid 225064:401073 but the lettering turns out HUGE and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and what is the fix ?.
I have sent Ian 2 emails without answers.

Bill :confused:
I had the same problem. I suspect there must be a typo in the config file. I'm not familiar with text attachments, so I'm not quite sure what.

Me too

Yes, I found the same thing so used an Aussie sign. Any suitable sign will do of course, and by careful placing the original board can be covered, if not just place it elsewhere and sink the stanchions back into the box so that all that's left is the sign.

If you open the config file you will find two lines:

fontsize 0.9
fontcolor 255,255,255

Reducing the value of fontsize will make the text smaller. Try 0.1 or 0.2. The fontcolor is the colour of the text which in this case unfortunately is white on white. I've got two solutions. Firstly make the text black by changing the values to 0,0,0. Secondly you could make the board a different colour by filling in the white background on the texture sigboxsides.tga with the colour you want. Unfortunately this also makes the back wall of the inside of the box the same colour. I have only tested this on Local Signal Box so the second solution may be different for the other boxes.

For Signal Box the same method works. A size of 0.2 seems best. Note also the fontcolor is 0,0,0 (black). you may want to change it to 255,255,255 (white) if you change the background colour.

For Signal box (ground) and (platform) unfortunately the board has the same colour as the window frames. As these are textured any simple attempt to replace the colour loses the texture so you must make your own choice.

I hope this helps.
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Yes, it worked for me too. Took a couple of attempts, I forgot to delete the chumps... once I did that the size changed okay.
Shoves has one box without a name so I keep the sign on that one but have been able to remove them from the other one.