Should I get it, or should I not?

:wave: Thats up to you BUT Trainz Classic's do's NOT have the same content in it as TRS06 has, it only has what is needed for the Maps. :D

I run TC1/2 and dont have a problem with it so far with or with out putting in the content from TRS06
Sorry I didn't understand the bottom line of the post. :eek:

Anyway, can you get ALL (and by "ALL" I mean both custom and built-in content) content from TRS2006 to TC3?:eek: :confused:
Yes, buy the latest version of TC, and don't forget TC 1&2! Every version of Trainz has some content that is a must.
I've already moved a few routes into TC3, bit of a pain moving the builtins over, but it can be done. I wouldn't like to use any that have errors though.