Session Saving Issues

Hello, all. Chris here.

Yes, another thread about trouble with saving in Trainz. But this one's a little different: whenever i save a session on a certain route i made, the session automatically becomes faulty, and i have to fix it. Yes, it's not game-ruining, but it is very annoying and only happens on this one route. The error is kinda wierd, and isn;t one that you see every day:

Error: Missing or Invalid selection for tag "category-era" in 'profile'.

I have made no edits to this item yet, and i don't intend to until i figure out what the problem is. What the fudge is going on?

Also, it seems the smallest glitches in Trainz annoy me the most, from the text for filters in CM becoming garbled, to losing the filters entirely, to just saving a simple session i made. Maybe some of these issues will be fixed in TANE, but with what i've been hearing about TANE's error-checking isn't hopeful, so maybe Service Pack 3 can fix that.

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The text being garbled happens because of memory getting mixed up in Content Manager. I get it as well even with 32GB of RAM in my system!

As far as the session getting trashed, is this an older route like one from TRS2004 or TRS2006? I've had that occur in TS12 when adding sessions to those older routes. I've overcome this by opening the route in Surveyor and saving my own updated version.

Go into Surveyor and set the region, and see if that helps. It could be fine but reset it to something else, save and then reset it back to USA and see if that helps.

No, it didn't help. Well, i'm stumped.

EDIT: I found a workaround. I went into CCP (yes, CCP, not Explorer, CCP) and removed the category-era tag. Fixed-er right up.
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