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sen city for 2004 doesent work on my trso4 sp4 any ideas or a link to the the right 1 i may have the wrong 1 as it was called sen city 06

cheers bill
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I think so.
I think Sen City 06 was made specifically for the features in 06, so it's a gamble trying to run it in 04. Go check and see if there's an 04 version.
Good luck.

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Hi Bill
According to the description on the DLS you have the correct version however it also states that TRS04 users will require additional content so check the item with Trainz Objectz and check the read me contained in the Scenario Folder, Kuid2:76656:42006630:1 is possibly the best advice
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thanks for the info but trainz objectz doesent detect sen city at all so im trying to get it again but when i try to look for it when i press search it comes up with the help page with the links to the dl helper and how to get a fct
Hi Guys.......

To clarify, Sen City 2006 will work in either TRS 2004, SP2 on, (best SP4) and it will also work in TRS 06, (best not SP1 due to lack of sounds for scenarios in SP1 - otherwise OK). In fact I wrote the scenario and built the map in TRS04 and then made it compatible with TRS06 afterwards.

The only thing is, the track I used is the VSR track by Bloodnok. This track is built-in to TRS 06 but it is not in TRS 04…. AND it’s NOT on the DLS. However, it is easily available on the VSR website. Full details of how to download it are in the ReadMe file in the Scenario Folder. (That’s the additional content - everything else is on the DLS)

Bill, You didn’t say what was not working about the scenario. Does it run at all? Do you get errors? As for missing map content. I found the easiest way to get it was to click on the ‘Download Missing Items Now’ option on that black screen you get when you open the map in surveyor. You may need to do this a few times but that should download all the map content except the track detailed above, (which I suggest you get first). As for missing trains and dependencies, see the ReadMe file as all you need is all listed there. Check its all OK.

So, study the ReadMe file and it should work. Let me know how you get on. (Make sure yopu open the ReadMe with an HTML browser. Some PC systems default to 'Word" and all you get is the source code!)


PS – As I write, the DLS seems to be down!
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OK, well it definitley won't work in UTC. And the Trainz Build is above that so UTC will ignore it

Have another go at installing in TRS 04.

FWIW both the Sen City 2006 layout kuid2:76656:42006629:1 and the scenario kuid2:76656:42006630:1 both work ok for me in TRS2004 SP4 once I obtained all the necessary assets.

BTW, the readme file mentioned in the description is in the Sen City 2006 scenario's folder, not the layout's.

thanks your help has worked and ive got it but the track doesent appear and there are no sessions
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thanks your help has worked and ive got it but the track doesent appear and there are no sessions

The track won't appear unless you have downloaded it from Bloodnok's site. See this thread above and the ReadMe file.

There will never be any sessions as Sen City is a SCENARIO, not a session. Click on Scenerios.