Seeiking GWR Engines and Carriages and Wagons 1930s


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I am seeking good quality well made rolling stock from Great Western Railways from the 1920s and 1930s, for some work assisting a route. Would like to be able to find the Chocolate and Cream Livery if possible and some of the named engines that ran on the line. The Vans from GWR also would be much appreciated, will start digging myself of course but thought to ask here ..appreciate any assistance.

Not sure if anyone has made the named trains, the well known ones that carried their own special Headboards but that would be icing on the cake if possible.... the Cornish Riviera Express, The Cornishman, the Cheltenham Spa Express...the like of those.

Thank you in advance for any suggesions and assistance.

This would be to run on T:ANE so sadly much older stock may not work but i am game to try any.

cheers and thanks

If memory serves me correctly, there is a good selection of GWR steam era stuff on the DLS. A search for "GWR", "Collett", maybe Hawksworth etc. should throw up some items of interest.
Search the DLS for username skipper1945, he's the mainstay of the GWR loco & rolling stock creators. All his assets work in T:ANE.

John Whelan (johnwhelan) has made many named GWR carriages.

Andi Smith (Andi06) (RIP) made some of the AEC diesel railcars of that period but they were for local traffic. Skipper1945 also made a few GWR locos and his stuff is superb. I think he has been updating his stock to TANE standards.
For the GWR steam locomotive range highly recommend Trainz member Skipper 1945 for his freeware contributions to the DLS.
They work well in the TS 12 version.

They work well?!

They pratically glow in TS12. :D

For the record, Skipper's King George V Locomotive has the Cornish Riveria headboard, I believe it can turned on or off in driver mode using the pantograph button. :)

Much like everyone else here, I highly recommend Skipper1945. ;) :) :D
Oh, though GWR is his thing, he has done some other locomotives and such. ;)
An example, he's done a LMS 2P Class. :)

A little out of era talk, but if you want to go back to the Broad Gauge days download the route Turks Castle, I believe its called. Works well in TS12, not sure on T:ANE.
From memory andi06 did some coaches, bobsanders has done some van reskins, I made some 1922 1924 gwr coaches that were reskinned with different coach boards. Try TPR perhaps? The cream and brown was originally white and brown but the white paint was covered with varnish which turned cream over time.

There is quite a bit of variety. Skipper1945's recent coaches are worth looking at.

Cheerio John
Gentlemen thank you one and all. Superb I am much reassured. I had not had time to delve into UK steam in Trainz due to work load making assets but really do appreciate the info. Will look forward to gathering in all that is needed which it appears is not only possible but something to look forward to.

thank you all for your time and kind effort in replying. Much appreciated.