searching for michael chinn


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hi all
does anybody know where i can contact micheal chinn?
i would like to re release his cvapricorn route for Trainz Classic

Hi Misterchugg,

I contacted Michael Chinn sometime ago on releasing Capricorn route for TRS 2006 which I did and post it on the DLS, which was not posted for sum reason I do not know maybe it did not go through proporely.
But I did get permission from Michael Chinn to do it.
Paul Hucklebridge wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Do you intend to update the Capricornian layout to TRS2004 and I like
> the layout very much, because I am running TRS2004 with SP4.
> If you do not intend to update it do you mind if I update it with your
> permission.
> Please let me know by email.
> Paul

Please feel free. I am no longer working on it.

i use TC and i'm just doing the caboolture part.
hopefully to be released by next week.

after this i will hook them all up together and release them as 1 big run
should take about 3 hours to play one way