SDY Trainz website - Legit info?

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I wanted to take a closer look at the two GE C32-8 Conrail models, so I bought these 2 models. With this new information, I will stay clear of his store.

Thank you for the information Amm4425 :).

Regards Claus
Logan has used my parts without my permission and parts that I was using from other creators in his models. We had a big argument about it and thats when he took his payware down but I guess its back up, I would appreciate it if you all would avoid buying his payware but if you already have his stuff then dont worry about it.

Thank you, Amm4425, for the response, that does clarify the issue.

Would you be able to post something along those lines in the FB group? I know some of the CPS members were active before the breakup, but I don't know if you are one of those?

FB page link > T:ANE & TRS2019 Community -

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