Screenshot of The Week: March 15 to March 22 2015 (Green With Envy)



The advice we were always given when young; look at some greenery after every half hour of reading or looking at a screen. A lone tree, some rolling hills, lush forests, dense undergrowth fighting a BR or BN train. Show us a shot that will make everyone flush with jealousy. This week's theme is Green With Envy. Please send your theme suggestions for subsequent competitions via email or Skype by clicking on the little icons below my username.

One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the theme and the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.
Submission closes on March 22 at
12:00 noon UTC/GMT/Zulu time.

First in, best dressed! :D

You know what they say; it isn't easy being green!

The reason to be envious, is that this screenshot has not had post-processing effects but real-time effects instead - I always run my game like this. :D

(Can I at least get points for the green part? :p)

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The Green Balloon

OK. I know this is a stretch. But, I have this shoreside amusement park on Wrong Island that is served by the Wrong Island RR. Y'know....

Mountains just covered in trees with steam hiding behind them..

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"Mighty fine herd you have there Jack. The other farmers will be green with envy"

With the testing of T:ANE one of our tasks, is to Create a route and test the tools. This is what I put together while searching for those sneaky bugs and glitches with the latest build.
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Hmm.. Shaz, I'm guessing that's tane. (Sorry for what I think about it, we can't agree on everything!). Well, somehow YOU have made it look very good! Dang it!

Cheers .... Rick

Thank you Rickf77.
Yes, it is T:ANE. I will add a line referring the same with the screenie
The time of day is around 8.10am. Water is set to high. "Antialiasing" 8, set "shadows quality" high, "main shadow resolution" 4096, "distance" 5000. Monitor Resolution 1920x1200. DirectX.
Tinkered around with the Post-Processing settings, but many I do not know what they mean, so must do a bit of swatting up. With Depth of field "Blur foreground" is unticked. Bloom is using default as is HDR Tonemapping.
The content is strictly what is included with the build. No content has been downloaded from the dls or imported via a cdp from trainz 12.
It is very cool watching the shadows and colours change when altering the time. It is often these sort of things which give a real thrill and also having seen how far T:ANE has come along since started helping with the testing back in August 2014.
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