Scottish Borders Railway further extesnion news running late!


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Following the success of re-opening this long gone line from Edinburgh as far as Tweedbank there have been attempts to get more of this line back. As I have said previously the success of the longest rail re-opening in Gt Britain (over 30 miles) has been a further win in passenger numbers. However the train time keeping is damn woeful and time it was sorted. Furthermore the committee set up via [FONT=Source Serif Pro, serif]Consultant Jacobs UK’s Borders is running late - why?? Towns beyond Galashiels and Tweedbank like Hawick are clamouring for track and Carlisle over the Border is also keen for it all to come back to it as well. It is furthermore high time the man that passes for the Transport minister in Edinburgh pulled his socks up. Timekeeping at barely over 50% and other oddities are not helpful but he should hurry that reviewing body he got to survey things to pull the fingers out. I have given a latest link on things.......[/FONT]

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