SCHECULE - Confused?


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There are about a dozen different things on the DLS allegedly dealing with scheduling. Some may not/never work while others can cause problems under certain conditions. The remainder may work but I really do not know what they are intended to do in any detail other than schedule. I would like to do simple things such as start trains on runs at reasonably spaced times that might have a similarity to a real railroad. Then adjust schedules, or the route to accommodate a reasonable amount of concurrent activity. But which schedule manager will work best, if at all. I may find that one of them does not work but looks to be the most promising. If I had known that you cannot put a colon between the minutes and seconds it might have been my answer. Is there any schedule manager that would send empties out load them and then make deliveries and perhaps bring some to the yard or a siding awaiting the customer call for delivery, etc, etc.

I could accomplish the objective with pencil and paper but for me that takes the imaginary railroad from the computer onto paper and that is a step backwards.