Scarab beetle ? significance


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Have recently taken a Merchant Navy Class loco into my route and almost immediately noticed a little 'scarab beetle sign' in the bottom right hand of my screen which, when I hover over it, says Script exception and if I click onto it comes up with:

Train: Thread exception: ER_NullReference:line1521. file train.GS (1) - (Would have included an image, but apparently can only do so from a URL and not from a PC)

I have removed the loco from the route but the beetle symbol remains and has the effect that in Driver I can no longer change the environment time of day.

Does anyone know what this is please and more importantly how I can get rid of it from my route?

Any help would be appreciated as always

As sologuitarist61 says time of day can be changed in quickdrive if that rule is present. Sorry it took me a while to confirm what I though was the case.
You can add rules to a Session to allow Weather and ToD changes. These are usually best for people trying to take Screenshots under different conditions then original.

That said, I highly doubt that particular bug is causing that change/issue.

Just for future reference, the "Scarab Beetle" is just Auran/N3Vs internal "Bug" Flag for the user to see. It sounds like a Piece of Rolling Stock or Locomotive is causing it (It could be either). So if this is your route you're building/working on, Clone the route and try removing all the Rolling Stock & Locomotives from it, save it, and exit it, and reload it and see if it comes back. If it does then its something else, although with "Train.GS" in the tag, I would be surprised.

To the contrary from Falcus. If you are getting this when changing the weather or time of day settings with the Quick Drive Rule, then there's something corrupted. This is usually due to something wrong with the session and I recommend setting up a new session then running the train again. If it happens then, there's something else wrong that needs to be addressed.

...or the specific train does cause the error, which could have an effect on quickdrive as it interacts with the world consists.
lol, I did say it could be something else. But with that specific error, first thing Id try would be removing Rolling stock and locos, and go from there. When something goes wrong in a complicated issue, start by simplifying the issue wherever possible. Maybe it is in fact a corrupt Weather Rule, but having fewer polys on the map will make experimentation easier.

to troubleshoot the issues, try to clone the route and the session, then take the clones apart, slowly, and see what ends up curing the bugz.