Saved Sessions


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I know I've asked this before, and I know that there is no way (now) to convert a saved session into a regular one (one that can be edited in surveyor). And that this has been on a lot of wish-lists for a long time.

What I have to ask: Is Auran philosophically opposed to this idea, or - much more likely - is it just not a priority?

Isn't this something we could do ourselves? Get me the file formats and I'll bang it out in a couple of hours (or 6) ((or 48)) (((who am I kidding? I haven't done any significant, meaningful code since the days of DOS [which for me lasted until win95]))).

But, seriously, how hard could this be?
Start with a clone of the parent session.
Strip out the consists.
Replace them in their new locations.
Correct their loads.
Correct their driver commands*.​
Correct the amounts in the industry queues.
Set the time (and weather? why not)

*OK, here's where it gets tricky... But as I understand it: opening a saved session already has some issues here (when a command has been read of its list but not completed. But I bet if we collectively stew on that we would end up improving the existing session-save routine...