Russian P38?

Russian experimental locomotives are among my favorite locomotives of all time. My favorite has to be the P38 mallet. I can't find any information online, so does anyone know its history? How well did it run? how heavy was it? when were they scrapped? What is that vent thing in the front?

If nyone doesn't know what it looks like, here it is-

Not sure on this, but this may be a Russian steam diesel hybrid.
To me, it looks similar to the Russian TP1 experimental locomotive.
(on iPad, inserting image later)
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That front end shouldn't work, but it does. :)
Good luck finding info on this. English-language information about modern Russian locomotives is scarce, so finding quality information on a prototype scrapped years ago is going to be even more difficult.
Russian experimental 4-cylinders steam locomotives P38, 4 build in total (1954-1955). Gross weight 214,9 tons + tender 73,3 tons , 3700-3800 hp. Locos were fitted with experimental system of smoke-in-cab protection which design of differed unit by unit. Tested on Moscow-Ryazan and Krasnoyarsk railways among others. Handed over to industrial companies subordinated to Belgorod city national economy council authorities in 1959 for use as steam boilers. Source: Internet.
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