Route and session layer merging


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I need to merge route and session layers because I wont to modify my route without to lose all my Industry settings.
Industry settings are not stored in the route layer, they are (and have always been since TRS2006) part of a session. Merging a session layer into a route layer, which can be a useful action, will simply copy those assets that have been placed in the session layer into the route layer. You can place almost any asset, including scenery and track (but not recommended) into a session layer but industry settings are always part of a session.

You can modify your route (i.e. the route layers) while editing a session, The changes you make to a route layer will appear in ALL sessions that are made using that route.

So if you want to modify your route without losing any of the industry settings, always :-

  1. Select the Route, then
  2. Click View Sessions, then
  3. Select the session to edit, then
  4. Click Edit Session

When saving your edits, always save both the route and the session.
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The layers only contain mapobjects (buildings, tracks, rolling stock, ...). They don't contain other things like ground, ground textures, rules, commands and settings. In TS12, when saving the map, the current object properties are saved with the map, in addition to saving them in the session.

Don't forget to select a route layer (and unlocking), when modifying a route in 'edit session' mode.

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