Road Traffic in TRS 2006


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Seeing JCitron's helpful reply to Wayfarer's thread, I was tempted to have a go at changing the vehicle era on one of my routes. Sadly the formula doesn't seem to work in TRS 2006 - you only get back to the screen which gives you the options of scale and Imperial versus Metric. The Geographical location only comes up when you start a new route - not when you edit an existing one.

Stupid though this will sound, I know it can be done because I once did it by trial and error but can't remember how. Next time I'll write it down!

So if anyone can remember back all the way to TRS 2006, advice would, as always, be most welcome.

Many thanks
- In ContentManagerPlus find the kuid of the new region
- Open the map for 'Edit in Explorer'
- In the file config.txt find the kuid of the current region
- replace the kuid everywhere in the config.txt with the kuid of the new region (usually at 2 locations)
- save and close the file
- close explorer window
- commit changes in CMP

Peter's suggestion worked fine - I'm very grateful. Just a quickie for MeowRailroad - the region option doesn't come up using this method in TRS2006, hence the need to delve deeper.

I now have more modern cars AND they have lights. Must be my lucky day!