Road Cars


This is a subject which (myself included) has been "done to death" so I apologise in advance.
I have a large route and have edited the config file to include 8 car kuids but only 4 appear on the roads - checking the config files
for each car I cannot find anything obviously different to cause this problem. the working cars are not consecutive.
I remember vaguely that someone said to add a line about 0.01 or similar but cannot find this post anywhere.
Help will be appreciated.

All vehicles you want to show on the roads must be a trackside object. Those that are vehicles or scenery will not show up. I believe the code is trackside 0.01.
Hi Bob
Yeah right - it's another language and I'm still struggling with English after 79 years - so what chance do I have ???
I have 8 cars on my route and still have problems with two of them - I have checked and re-checked for the necessary items in the
config. files and have resigned myself to being happy with what I have.
It's all good fun and I cannot get too serious or it ceases to be enjoyable.