Returning after long absence - complete failure

Has anyone got the patience to help me here, please? I move home before Christmas and life was chaotic for a long time. Now I am settled, have a new, powerful PC and TRS19.
To experiment with it I used a built in route copy, added a simple session (intended to run under AI)and promptly got nowhere. This is what I did:

  1. Start (launch) Trainz
  2. Select Route
  3. View Sessions
  4. Select Session
  5. Edit Session
  6. Edit menu: edit session
  7. Driver setup: edit to create a test schedule, which is Hornz, Wait for 10 secs, Hornz, navigate to a trackmark (start from Marazion, go to track marker set at Penzance)
  8. Tools menu: Driver mode
  9. "P" to unpause

Nothing happens.

I notice, of course, that the Drivers in 7 above differ from the ones shown on the main screen. I used Driver Alan in one attempt, and the TANE Alan was replaced at run time with a cross-eyed blonde woman called Alan.

Clearly I've got a few wrong ideas to say the least so I would appreciate a kick in the right direction.
TRS19 is a bit tricky. Tbh I haven't managed to completely make a session, after having made 20+ in Tane, so I'm not the best to answer. However if you are using <kuid2:66277:80001:2> Hornz, this is really old and Build 2.0 which I'm sure TRS19 wouldn't like or accept. There is a more recent version <kuid:478639:100034> HornzExtended build 3.4 which mat be better, but I've never used them. You don't mention what route or session, so it's really impossible to help without that basic info.
Editing a built-in session can involve factors not readily apparent. Layers, track markers, etc.

After Select Route, and then View Sessions, hit Create Session. Edit the Session by adding/editing rules, and if wanted, the Environment. at this point. The Trains tab on the right will allow adding the rolling stock and motive power.
You specifically mention "Hornz" - Sorry I've never used it. Is sessions working fine for you other than "Hornz"? All the other commands working OK? You are working to create a Session and not just issue Driver commands while driving, right?