Reskining Question

The answer is too dependent upon the specific details of the creation of the model, and does not have a general answer. It may differ between versions of the same model made in different paint schemes of the same prototype owner.

Thanks for the attempt to clarify your question. Unfortunately, even with the clarification, the question is still impossible to answer, because since there are multiple was to accomplish the phenomenon you wish to change, the same creator may use different techniques on four different locomotives, not to mention different creators having different preferred methods to accomplish the same thing. It might be possible to give a better answer if you provide KUID of the exact locomotive you want to reskin. That way, someone can inspect the locomotive, and tell you whether what you accomplish is possible or not, and if it is possible, how to go about doing so. Alternatively, you might try contacting the creator of the item directly by PM or by email, and asking if the creator's help.