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In my cmp (modified content) it shows that I have a refueling crane. I can't find it in the surveyor mode list. I can find refueling depot but no crane. It's by Phil c. Where the heck is it?

Loco refueling

Hi Don.

The refueling crane is built in to the refueling depot if you are running TRS2006. Have a look at the Tidewater South, Fuel and run session.
You just drive a refuelable loco to the refueling depot, stop anywhere alongside the depot platform and the refueling crane appears.

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Yes I know what you mean. I've done that. What I meant was, a refueling crane that I could put into my route that I am creating. There is a depot but I don't see a crane.

Refueling crane

Hi Don,

There is a static refueling crane on the dls it's kuid 86105-28005 by phil_c
should be located in USA scenery when downloaded.

hope this helps,