RCW Changes for Dragonharh/VIA6415 Content


Canaidan Route Builter
As of Aug 12, 2020, all my content under both VIA6415 &/or Dragonharh Ids will be given out to the community of trainz freely "to do with as you want" this means you don't need my permission to reskin, fix, update or modify, This includes uploading! to DLS &/or 3party sites, All I ask is to create me if anyone dose so.

I lost interest in Trainz after years of content creation and now Gmax is useless I'm just not interested in returning modelling Do not PM me for missing Kuids or ask me for my assists whats on DLS is it, if it's gone it's gone! I do not have old files anymore. My models aren't very good by today's standers there never really wore if I'm being honest I stuff I made isn't really all that grate and some things are unfinished or not much put into it I learned from that now and realized this along the way, some pieces are interesting models, anywho moving on.

Past 2 years I been out of trainz and moved on to other things in my life that's why I been very slow to update my routes, sorry about that fooks, I have been in the trainz community scents 2007 and it was fun but ppl change as well as life.
I will continue to work on my two main routes DAR and H&SW if time allows.

Anywho Fooks Bewell!
Keep trainzing along! Thank you for your support all these years!
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Thank you for your generosity! It sounds from your post that those who have your assets will be allowed to upload them to the DLS for others that need them, and that is wonderful! You may not think your assets are that great, but I have used them before, and I appreciate anyone who has the creative spark to create the kind of things you have created. Best of luck to you in the future and I hope you will drop by and see us again sometimes!
:D Thank you sir, for all the nice and unusual items you've made..........Take care and be well Sir..........:wave:
Its a shame you lost interest, your CN abandoned valley route is a masterpiece! Good luck with your other routes man!