Railway Speed Signs 1900-1930s


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I'm curious as to what railway speed signs would've looked like in the early 1900's(including WWI) and the 20s and 30s.
Part of me doubts this.. besides, the caption was the 1950s..

Sorry if this bothers anyone.. I'm only curious.. :eek:(P.S I did search before hand quickly, not really what I wanted came up)
The type you show was the LNER design, later adopted by BR. They were originally white, but became yellow later. Other railways rarely bothered displaying speed limits and relied on drivers skill and route knowledge to keep trains at an appropriate speed, the GWR had a few signs and the Southern their own system. Comprehensive speed boards to the LNER design were fitted across the country after an accident in 1955. They changed from white to yellow after the snow of 1963 made them difficult to see.

I got the information from this website has everything you need to know about railway signs and signals...

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