UK Speed Signs


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I am recreating a local railway network (merseyrail), i also use the network to get around... a lot. While waiting at a station i looked town the rails and saw a speed sign. It had a number over another number e.g 40/10. I realized that i have no idea what what it means (i have seen them everywhere).

So the question is simple, how do i read these signs?

Chears, Matty
Thanks for the site!

I have found the sign in question (it is a differential speed restriction sign) Although it tells me what they are it does not tell me how to read them... does anyone have experience with these signs?
Differential speed board :

The bottom figure always shows the higher speed

This applies to:
Passenger trains (loaded or empty)
Postal or parcels trains (loaded or empty)
Light loco's

The top figure applies to all other trains . :)