Rail growh in Scotland (& UK)


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Here in the 60's the infamous cuts made by Dr Beeching resulted in some wholesale closures but we still have a relatively widespread passeneger system. Since the railways were pased back to private ownership again numbers have consistently increased with some of the highest for 40 years. Here in Scotland First Scotrail is also doing it's bit. We have had lines re-opened. The Larkhall line came back last year plus Glasgow-Maryhill, Stirling-Alloa and Airdrie-Bathgate next (when that links up there will be a third line between Glasgow and Edinburgh!). The Borders Line is to be relaid as far as Galashiels. A brand new line from Glasgow City Centre to the Airport is in process. Edinburgh is to get a tram system. Rail travel is doing well here. Greater Glasgow now has the largest suburban rail system outside London.
Do you think the plan to reinstate the Edinburgh Waverly [is there another 'e' in there somewhere?] - Longtown - Carlisle connection will ever come to fruition?

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It would strike me in the longer term BidMod that going to Carlisle as it originally did would make sense instead of stopping halfway down. Whether that will ever happen though is open to speculation. The Borders at one time had a whole etwork. In 1975 I took my Boys' Brigade Company to Melrose for Summer camp. It was only about 4 miles further on from Galashiels. The Melrose station building was still intact and although no rails the ballast was still there. Even more suprising at that time was that Galashiels was a big station and intact down to the BR sausage style signs hanging down "Stationmaster", etc, etc. A beautiful part of the country. Indeed when that line closed the then BR refused to allow a proposed preservation society to get the trackbed for re-instatement. Thought that very odd at the time.
Take a look at this: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/cj.tolley/rjd/rjd-001-1912.jpg

The Edinburgh route on the right is the current WCML (to Lockerbie, and then on the Glasgow or Edinburgh) and the other route on the left is the dismantled route via Longtown.

I had a quick look at the route on Local.Live, and the route looks relatively but not completely clear. Unfortunately, it is possible that the works on the "Cumberland gap" may create the need for a new trackbed to be lower (to get underneath) and since the route would pass over the top of the current main line (before reaching the motorway) it would be an awful uphill gradient into Carlisle, or downhill away.

That said, train performance is better than ever before, so I guess a modified route would not be a problem. I have to say though that if the route was reinstated then it'd make sense to have a new juntion on the main line rather than the massive loop that existed when multiple companies ran trains through the area (9 different ones at the peak).

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The 76th Glasgow Company founded in 1887 (3rd oldest in Glasgow) and mightily old! I was a Lieutenant for many years and Captain from 1979 until 2004. We were the first BB Coy to Camp on Iona in 1937 and also responsible for introducing Basketball to Gt Britain as well as being the first outside to be allowed to play the Sunset Ceremony outside the Army.

Greetings to 5th Croydon and get your shoulders back and stand straight that man!
I would agree with you BidMod regarding the total re-instatement would be practical but it may well be there is some concern about the financial liability beyond Galashiels. The present premise is the new house building between Edinburgh-Galashiels and that town itself. The layour at "Citadel" was interesting.
The 76th Glasgow Company founded in 1887 (3rd oldest in Glasgow) and mightily old!

I had the pleasure of Glasgow's hospitality in 1983 at the centenary celebrations. The massed ranks of the battalion in Ibrox Park is a sight I won't forget. :) Travelled there by train of course.

On topic, glad to hear that lines are being reinstated. Down south, I believe that there are now serious moves towards reinstating the closed Uckfield to Lewes line.

Good to hear of another possible rail opening. We have been very fortunate up here and once the Airdrie-Edinburgh is put back shortly Scotland's 2 biggest cities will have 3 lines again between them. Shades of the old days!

Glad you enjoyed 1983 it was impressive. An ex-captain of the 76th was deply involved in the work. I was at Ibrox on the Saturday for the big show and then back again the next day for the mass parade. We had 50 of the Company Section turning up which was remarkable as it was school the school hols up here at the time. Our Company is the only one in the history of Glasgow Battalion to have given 3 Presidents.

Good to hear from someone else who is "Sure and Stedfast". Just a pity I can't put a BB Company on the tramway mentioned below.....!
Good to hear from someone else who is "Sure and Stedfast". Just a pity I can't put a BB Company on the tramway mentioned below.....!
Perhaps a mention on a noticeboard outside a suitable church. Very impressive route, seems trams left Glasgow just as I entered this life. My only experience was in the old Clapham Transport Museum, wandering around static exhibits. Nowhere near the same really.
Thanks for you compliment there re my tramway. Uf I was any good at Gmax I would try your suggestion! It is being based on the system that exited as you entered the world! It was quite extensive and some bits of my project are better than others but I am determined to cover every single line that existed. I am fortunate to have info on the whole network. Once I have finished the Southwest in the next week I will then hammer on to what is left in the South. It's a kind of tribute to what was the second tramway in the UK after London. I have been in touch with the Transport Msum direct on what I am doing as contacting the Council Dept responsible for Museums, etc was a waste of time. All going well after times when I felt like giving up I have persevered off and on but now I can see an end. Hopefully this year.