Quick drive removal question


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So this is something I've wondered since I got the platinum edition of TRS2019 and it's about the removal of Quick drive. Why was it removed from the platinum edition of the game? I know it's still in the normal edition though it's been reverted back to the original form where you can only place down premade consists instead of being able to place premade consists and individual vehicles like you could in Trainz A New Era. Are there any plans of adding it into TRS22 if it's also not in that game or adding it to TRS2019PE if there any plans for an SP6? Just curious. I know that sessions have the same purpose though those take up kuids which I'm worried about overwriting custom made assets that I have made with creating sessions. I should wrap this up before I start to ramble.
You change to driver from within surveyor pretty much the same thing except it's instant rather than waiting for the route to reload.
In TRS2019 Platinum you can Quickdrive any route by following these steps.

1. Choose the Route.
2. Click View Sessions
3. If there isn't already a Quickdrive session listed, then click Create Session. This opens Surveyor with the Session layer chosen.
4. Add all the rolling stock you want using the Train panel.
5. Go to the top of the screen and under the Tools menu choose Drive Session.
6. You enter Driver in Pause. Press P to unpause and drive to your heart's desire.

If you want to go back to surveyor to add more rolling stock then under Tools menu choose Edit in Surveyor Classic.

Now if you want to save your play as a session then choose Save and Name your session while in Surveyor.

Warning. If you are making a session for others to play. I strongly recommend that you NOT use the above method. Create and save your session as you do in TANE. Then exit Surveyor and start your session in Driver. It is very easy to mess up your session and lose a lot of work.