Question on Jointed Rail library (Smart Signal v1.77a)


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My copy of TMR2017 has been humming along just fine for months when, for no discernible reason, it refused to start this morning. It would give me the splash screen, but when I tried to Manage Content, it would do nothing. Task manager says it was loading up my RAM, yet nothing is happening, and indicated "High Activity" for the CM app. About five minutes of this and I'd get the "Not Responding" popup and I'd have to kill TMR2017 altogether.

I cleared out several "TMR2017"s sitting in the background doing nothing at all, with no CPU usage, then restarted it. Immediately, I went to try a DB rebuild. All went well until I began to get hundreds of script errors. This evolved into thousands of them and all for Jointed Rail library (Smart Signal v1.77a) (KUID2:45324:555100:20). Every single one of the errors mentions some sort of "soup" and included various line numbers for the error. Eventually, the process begins to slow (after around an hour) and will lock up with "Not Responding" as the problem.

Since I can't get CM to run, and the DB repair keeps locking up and halting, how can I delete this library and get back to normal? Windows 10 search facility cannot find the folder where this library resides, so I expect it is buried somewhere hard to find. If some kind soul knows where it is, could you give me a hand in deleting it?

A typical error is: Syntax error in script '03signal' for asset [Kuid2:45324:555100:20] "Jointed Rail Smart Signal Library v1.77a"

I find I cannot copy/paste from the CM output flow, so transferring some of the errors here would be difficult at best. So far, the last run of the DB repair ran for FIVE hours before hitting all the errors and freezing.

Not happy.

Managed to get things running again. I found the referenced library in the Cache after a LOT of searching and deleted the directory. Following a long (3+ hours) DB repair, it finally completed and I was able to start CM once more normally. This library is now showing as "Out of Date" and will show up as such forever as far as I'm concerned. The one I have now (and isn't faulty) is version :19. It is apparent that version :20 has errors so I will not be downloading it until it gets fixed. Is anyone working on it right now?

I'm glad you got it fixed.

Edit the config.txt of the working one and change the version to :21.

With the asset opened for edit, open the Edit folder and drag the asset-folder back into CM.

This will obsolete the faulty one.

Once completed here, revert the one you have open for edit since it can't be submitted, or revert it and save to a CDP just in case you need it.