Question about the Ajs Stations


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So ive always wanted to know this how come the Ajs stations never save my settings i set for the stations. Cuz every time i close the route and re open it ill have to go back and reset the settings to the way i want them is there a way that i can get them to save the settings i want or will i always have to go back and set them the way i want?
Do you have this problem with all your ajs installed stations? Because they will reset if you move or touch them after configuration, also if you say add a seat to the platform and accidently move the station then do an undo this will reset them. Otherwise I personally have not had the problem you describe.
Yes i do and ill save the game after i set up all my configuration and once i quite the game and go back to it all my Ajs stations i put down are reset to their defult state and it get annoying after awhile having to always reset all my stations all the time.
All settings of map objects are saved with the session. You have to load the session to have your latest settings active.
TS12 (all builds ?) saves the current settings with the map (in addition to saving with the session), every time the map is saved.

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The settings, done in the property pages, have always (at least since TRS2004) been saved as session data (the name being the only exception). That's why you had to provide a default session for the configuration of industries and other configurable objects.