Quality British Routes- Yorkshire/North East/North West


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I know the topic of UK Routes has been covered multiple times, and I have seen the long list that was compiled a while back, but as there isn't much specific information on most of the individual routes I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good quality British routes which are based around or inspired by routes around the North of England- West/North Yorkshire/The Pennines/the North East/Lake District/Carlisle etc?

I'm specifically hoping for something set in the steam era (or present day preserved/heritage lines would be ace), and I'm open to both shorter branch lines or mainline routes! The BR (WR) Branch Line and Ashburton to Windrush routes are good examples of the kind of detail/quality I was hoping for, if possible. I have the 0800 Sheffield-Leeds route, which is ace, but I was hoping to add one or two more.

I'm sorry if I sound demanding. Many thanks in advance,

Hi Alex I have been working on one for a number of years now, still not complete, and probably never will be, but I enjoy creating it. Here is a description
"A route centered on Starbeck goods yard in the period of change from North Eastern Railway NER, to London North Eastern Railway LNER. developed to provide extensive goods traffic together with extensive scheduled passenger traffic. Incorporates the majority of the North Riding of Yorkshire excluding York plus a small portion of the West Riding of Yorkshire."
I run all steam, also a lot of engines not on the DLS, in fact I am finding that there are not enough drivers available.
Have you searched the DLS as I think that there a number routes also ex London.
"I am finding that there are not enough drivers available."

Clone and re name some.
JackDownUnder, I've done quite a bit of browsing on the DLS but there are two main problems I encounter:
1) I don't know what to search for- some people don't necessarily name them after the area- often using local, colloquial names.
2) I can't tell how good the route is until I've downloaded it! 'Black Country LMS' turned out to be British Midlands from 04/06 with a power station lumped on one side. There are a set of routes called 'Yorkshire Part (X)' where the (X) is a number, and they're good but a bit generic- all the big stations use the same station asset.

I'm just after somewhere where my ex-LMS steam stock will look at home!
Have a look for routes by Angelah. They have a few missing dependencies but nothing that'll stop the route from working.

They're very well-detailed. Very, VERY well detailed. Branchline SLW and Branchline UK are the two I use the most. They're just generic, fictional UK routes.

The dependencies will take a while to download if you don't have a FCT, but the wait is well worth it.

I hope this helps. :)

Hello Alexl102,
I would also like to see more Pennine routes. I think the pay ware route Settle & Carlisle would fit your needs and will run well in TS12. I think this route captures the atmosphere of the railways in the 1960s. I have cloned my copy of the route to add additional sidings that were removed during the 1950s time frame and I can also run timetabled passenger and goods trains to the original working timetables. I think you probably have the best available free ware routes (now I will get flamed :hehe:) because it is extremely difficult to get the Pennines looking right. The best open source DEM data available is only just adequate and I do not believe the landscaping tools available in surveyor are good enough to overcome the deficiencies from the DEM data. My own Manchester Huddersfield Leeds route has been a constant rework in progress since 2004 and I cannot get it to look right. I am hopeful that T:ANE will help. Best of luck with your search.
Cheers PortlandBill.

I've got the S&C pack on my pc with TS12, which is fantastic, but my PC can't actually handle it so this was for Mac. I didn't make it clear though, which was my fault entirely. Thanks all the same!