Purchase Serial Key PROVED faulty but Auran hasn't replaced it.


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Purchase Serial Key PROVED faulty but Auran hasn't replaced it.

1st. Ticket Posted On: 13 Feb 2010 04:46 PM
Ticket ID: ATL-763169
Asking for help when the product from AURAN would not install. No reply of any kind from AURAN to date.
2nd Ticket Posted On: 22 Feb 2010 02:44 AM
Ticket ID: QCG-700716
Department: Orders
Your ticket has been submitted to our Department successfully. One of our support personnel will get back to you with more information shortly.
The ticket above is the second ticket submitted to Help Desk in a futile attempt to get an invalid serial number supplied to me at the time of purchase by AURAN replaced by a valid serial number so that I can use the software I paid for.

The 1st. ticket was submitted 15 days ago today with no response of any kind from AURAN.

The bank that issued the card used states that:
"All On-line venders that are permitted to accept charge cards are required to answer a customers request for assistance quickly when there is a problem. More than 24 hours is unacceptable." [15 days now waiting for help and nothing]

I do not want to refuse the Credit Card charge and initiate a charge back in order to get what I paid for. But at this point I can see no other way for me to handle this situation. So I will try posting this here in the hope that
I do not have to.

This is happening too often.

I know that the helpdesk is backed up, but Auran need to prioritise any tickets that refer to payments taken and goods not being delivered/downloaded surely?

Personally I wouldn't have waited past 7 days before using charge back mate, but it's up to you.

I wonder if Auran staff would find this service acceptable with something they've bought online.

For me, it's not the problem with people not being able to download or deliveries being delayed that gets me, because these things happen.
It's the fact that customers are being left to wait without any contact from Auran.

People seem to be throwing their money at Auran for TS2010, something that Auran must be happy about, but it's about time they showed it.

If one person is trying to sort out all the problems, and he's snowed under, then give him some help!
Maybe even the upper staff could give some of their precious time to the cause.

I've honestly never come across any other company where this kind of service is deemed acceptable.


From memory the installer asks for name, company and serial number. Check to see you have something in the first two boxes besides the serial number in the third.

Thanks John
Thank you Spiffy,

On 2-26-2010 after waiting 13 days in vain for some response from AURAN I ordered another copy of the Murchison 2 Addon from sirgibbys TRAINZONE and the serial number Michael sent me worked on all of the Murchison 2 installers I had downloaded. Even the original download from AURAN worked fine with the TrainZone serial number.

I asked Michael to test the serial number AURAN had given me, he tested it and it would not work.


I have answered your private message twice now but after I submit it and go back to look at it there is only your original question showing.

What do you mean by "Can you please let me know your order ID with SirGibby."

I used PayPal to make the purchase.

Spiffy Please Read

I have just sent you a private message with the information that Michael from TranZone thinks you are asking for.

If you need more information Michael said he will be happy to provide it.