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Looking for track charts of the Keystone corridor . Older charts are what I'm interested in . Maps or charts of todays alinements are well known . But looking for older industry spurs ? Any help thatks

Welcome, Schwatz1! I like your sense of perspective on many of your shots, and the graphics and lighting look good to me. Better than I can seem to get out of TRS19.
Welcome, Schwatz1! I like your sense of perspective on many of your shots, and the graphics and lighting look good to me. Better than I can seem to get out of TRS19.
I built a pretty decent machine (my specs are in my sig). the trick is to set your FOV (Field of View) to 25, make sure you have free camera turned on in the settings, move that camera out while in Cab mode (not all mesh models have a proper LOD for this, so you might see a different exterior or missing wheels/parts) and move out as far as you can, Then zoom in with your mouse wheel and your perspective is very similar to what you would see with your own eyes in real life.
I cannot stand anything that is above FOV 25 degree perspective when it comes to trainz or it looks too much like a model railroad.



When it comes to the graphics settings tho, I have mine all set to Ultra with 4x AA and my resolution is 4K (My RTX 2080 Super can really produce some nice renders) Full Screen gives you better performance as well.

I am still learning what I can do with Surveyor 2.0, I like alot of the easier functions but there are also many bugs especially when it comes to Super Elevation (it's broken in my version) The track doesn't tilt nor does the train when it comes onto that segment of track.




Many of the screenshots posted by deadpoolmx55 were inspiration in trying to get some nice scenes built. I loved his shots of his version of Shadyside station
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Nice to meet everyone. This is the first post by a newbie from Japan.
Please excuse my poor English.
I've made some assets for the PRR only in my Trainz and played in mainly TANE.

I post a screenshot of my first small section of PRR route in 1950s.
This section is from Whitford to Exton in the Whiteland County, PA.

Of cource, I haven't gone to PA.
Therefore the section is made from some data in net and my imagination.
Hey y'all/you'ins,

Been enjoying all the screenshots. Been pretty busy for a while and haven't really had time to post much. Here are a few screenshots of my on going work.

Swartz1 thanks for the picture tips, the bottom one uses your recommendations.

Railwoodman, great work on Altoona, gives me an idea for the 17th Street bridge, and I thought it looked a tad unrealistic trying to place the roundhouse by 17th St, but after seeing yours, I realize that I'm not too far off. I can only imagine the wheel squeal from the K4s heading into the turntable.

In reference to Post #2827, I have found the Sanborn Maps have helped some with industry placement. I also ran across a director the PRR published in 1925, it is like the phone book but for commodities, I am using it to build my traffic database. It is at


Finally have arrived at a true milestone on my route, back in July 2023 finished grading the line between Hollidaysburg, PA and Cumberland, MD. Still lots to do, hopefully in the near future I will be able to upload the route. I want to get some more track work done, and upload a base session so everyone can have something to work with.


Meeting of the old and new. D16sb awaits to depart with a eastbound local after M1b departs with an eastbound express.


"Passing of the Horses" (Spring 1923)

Pennsylvania Railroad classes F3 and H6sb head north just outside of Reynoldsdale, Pennsylvania. They are hauling coal originating from the mines around Cumberland, Md, heading for market in New York City via Greenwich Piers in Philadelphia. The local farmer is planning on replacing his horse in 1925 with a new gasoline powered tractor, and the Pennsylvania Railroad will strike the F3 moguls from the roster in 1925.
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