PropertyBrowserRefresh() not handled


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Hi all,

So here's my problem. Whenever I try to use the '?' button in Surveyor to edit an asset's properties, I get this error.

Error: PropertyBrowserRefresh() not handled.
A script error occurred while trying to edit the properties of this asset.

This is mostly happening with SI3D's awesome content that they put out. It causes all of the facial textures to overlap at once for certain models with 3d faces, i.e. Henry the Green Engine and Edward the Blue Engine.

I'm really not sure how to go about this, and searched on the forums to see if anyone had posted a solution. Only one person found the answer, and then they just decided TO NOT SHARE THE SOLUTION WITH PEOPLE IN THE THREAD. xD

So I'm just kinda stuck right now. The content is usable, but it ruins the immersion when you can't even drive a train without like 15 faces all at once. xD
Here's a few screenshots
so you can see what the actual issue looks like.
Thanks, I appreciate any help you can give me!!