Problems with TrainZ12 not showing full screen

I have been running Trainz12 for a few years. I recently bought a new computer, and am trying to get Trainz12 up and running on the new computer.

Instead of installing my older version, I decided it was inexpensive enough to buy a new version of Trainz12 with service pak 1 already installed.

Trainz12 is now running quite well, except that it does not use the entire computer screen. It seems no matter what resolution I use, the left and right sides of the computer screen are not used. The screen seems to work fine in Windows and with other programs. When I run Trainz12, it looks like watching an older television program on a modern wide-screen television. I have tried various resolutions, and tried both DirectX and Open GL.

What can I do to use the entire screen? Other than this problem, Trainz12 seems to be running fine.

Thank you
Hi Dean,

Check that Trainz is using the same resolution as your system, which can be 1980 x 1080 for example. Also check the Full Screen check box and that should for the program to go full to the size of your monitor.