Problems with srs trainz UP Dash 9-433CW


I am back in town!
So i downloaded the srs trainz UP Dash 9-433CW
BUT There are 1 One Faulty Assets And One Missing Dependencie
Lets Start Off with the missing dependencie one
Dash 9 bogey UP:
<kuid:461273:100217> is the unknown

Next the faulty one:
Dash9 Engine Data:
Error: Required tag 'full-throttle-speed' was missing and has been set to default.

if you know how to fix this leave a comment
okay maybe i didnt see a contact button or something
but i contacted a few minutes ago
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Ive noticed a few glitches in some of the scenarios.

In the goods run in Warwick to Wallangarra, the train is not ready to depart as the 3 cattle wagons are not connected to the train, they're on a separate track and the guard's van is nowhere in sight
which causes problems when you automatically decouple a phantom guard's van.

And in "Healesville 1913 - 1929 , when you shunt the wagons out of Lilydale up the hill, no matter how slow you travel, the wagons always derail.
Is it just my lousy driving or is there a problem with the program ?

What does this have to do with the thread topic?

The asset is not a Dash 9-433CW, it is a Dash 9-44CW.
Also, I have the same problem.
It is a bogey inside a bogey. Dash 9 bogey ATSF.
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