Problems with Content Manager


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When I open COntent manager it refuses to open and goes in eternal "not responding" mode, I think I have too much stuff installed, Can I delete it using Windows Explorer without any ill effects?
It is more likely the problem is validation caused by all the assets being dumped on the DLS at the same time.
Just try leaving it until it sorts itself out.

It might help if on the launcher screen you go to the Developer Tab and check the "Show database process windows", this will add one or two icons to the bottom of the desktop which if you click on them will show what is going on in the background. You cannot close them only minimise them, they will close after you have shut down Content Manager or Trainz. They take a while to close after you leave Trainz so if they are still showing do not shut down your computer until they are gone.
Left it to chug overnight was fine until I clicked on the window, now is not responding again, says that planet Auran credentials don't work (I know they do), Database process window shows this;

ignore the stuff after 32:07.1, Restarted Trainz to check planet Auran Credentials and it spat this stuff out when I closed options window.
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