Problem with T:ANE as a gift


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My grandson and I are both Trainz fans. We live in separate cities and both have Trainz accounts with 2012, 2014 and some purchased extras.
I've preordered T:ANE using my account and am trying to install the T:ANE-CE edition on a computer which I intend to gift to him as well, since his is an older 32-bit system.
I am trying to preinstall T:ANE-CE on this computer before my next visit so it will be ready to go right away. Attempting to install it using his username and password will not work -- says "Unable to Authorize this Product". The game will only be installed on one computer, I just want the gift to be registered under his user number. I'd like to get this straightened out so as not to affect the installation of the boxed edition when it arrives at his address.
Thanks in advance for your help

TANE CE is licensed directly to the person that has pre-ordered or part of the beta groups.

TANE will also not run on a 32-bit operating system. It needs a 64-bit operating system to run.

Write to with your username, email address associated with that account and the desired username + email address and we can change the username over to the new account.