Problems with TRS2006 and a laptop


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Evening everyone!

Sorry for diving in with yet another problem but I seem to be having difficulties using TRS2006 on a laptop.

As some of you may remember I was originally having problems with my old desktop machine in that as layouts got bigger it was really struggling with frame rates and knida "stop framing" or even collapsing completely.

Moving on, among the many solutions (not least ordering files properly) it was pointed out that the machine invoved was, ahem, a bit anchient.

So, as I had been intending to get a laptop anyway, I went through what I was after with a friend who could supply me with one and, having lent him TRAINZ and following some research on his part, recommended a machine. (all the specs are given below!)

Having loaded up 2006 however, when running it appears to judder and mildly "stop frame" even just running the basic demo/sessions on 2006, let alone trying to do anything larger. These however run perfectly smoothly on the old machine. For comparason I have been running the Driver Demo/Session Hawes Junction Branch Freight Passive.

On the old machine this runs smoothly. On the new one it judders all the time in movement and becomes progressivly worse as it encounters scenic assets (buildings etc) and very bad when it encounters other trains.

Both machines appear to be running in DirectX9.

Initially it was though the problem lay with the amount of memory used by Vista, but removing this and reverting the new machine to XP has made no difference.

TRS2006 is same version both machines and is, according to the Wikifile, the latest build with all SPs etc (build 2337 if I remember right)

For the record, the machines in use are:

OLD (Desktop)
DELL Dimension 4600
Intel Petium4 280GHz 512MB RAM (with 768MB virtual memory)
Video (I think) N.VIDIA G-Force FX5200 128MB
OP SYS Windows XP Home Edition

NEW (Laptop)
HP 530
Intel Core2 T5200 1.60GHZ 1.99GB RAM
Video Mobile Intel 945 Express chipset family (if that makes sense?)
OP SYS Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (5.1.2600)

Hope that makes sense as that's all I've managed to leach out of them as the two machines don't display their specs in a comparetive way so it's difficult to find stuff if (like me) you don't really know what you're looking for:eek: .

Any suggestions gratefull recived.

Dosen't matter how "naughts and ones" the answer may be, I won't understand it but the guy who's trying to sort it out will:) .

Many thanks in advance.

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That should read "Pentium4 2.80GHz"

Missed that all important point there!

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Video Mobile Intel 945 Express chipset family (if that makes sense?)

That's your problem. Trainz needs to have a computer with a dedicated graphics card. The on-board or 'integrated' graphics chips just will not cut it.

Mike10 is right. I bought a Dell laptop a number of months ago to add to my pc based Trainz but made sure it was with a dedicted graphics card. Itt wrklks fine so when I travel, Trainz goes with me!

Well at least that answers it.

Thanks guys, will pass on the GOOD news.


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