Problem with Products Sheet Multi Industry VS Flatcar max load values...?


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:confused: Ok here is the problem, Please look at the following pictures below, hopefully I have labeled them to make some sense. This is a part of the HarborMaster Route I downloaded from DSL, while driving mixed consist Test Train, I came across Industries that are have no product configuration? The Route Builder probably did this intentionally so others could configure them to taste?

Which, although not convenient, has forced me to learn how to setup the Product Specs for each industry if I want Railroading to be interesting when doing switching moves inn the Various Industrial sections. (This route is awesome no doubt about it)

I have been doing lots of research on how the Property Sheet works? And I have also found out if you have to many Groceries (products in Queue) good all Trainz will freeze up with a message telling you it can't complete the Script because it took to long for script to run. So i've learned to cut back to 2-3 products per Multi Industry Track Section from original set of 9-10 Products. And that part works great, for Lumber Loads on Flatcars and and Canadian Lumber Loads on Weyerhaeuser Center Spline Cars (see picture of Mixed Consist). Now I wanted to find some other products that I could load on the FlatCars you'll see in the Mixed Consist Picture.

:eek: I found I could load Wire Coil on Flatcars, but here is the rub, if you will, I can go to the flatcar properties and Load from 1 to 7 Coils on the Car manually, and see it load in Real Time using Surveyer Mode no problem there.

:confused: However, if I want to Load the same Flatcare using the SawMill Properties List Page Submenu, using the SawMill Industry it only allows me to load 1 Coil on the Car, according to the property sheet (see Photo) and (see mixed consist with Single Coil Loaded by SawMill Industry) can anyone tell me why this is?

Addendum, also what I did was, make sure each Multi to use Track has only 2-4 Products listed,,,, so Trainz doesn't crash, and I only load 1-2 or 1-3 products off each of those Tracks..........I'm stumped on it?

Small Sawmill,<kuid2:44700:27912:1>

I believe this is Car I am using............

Below is the comments for said FlatCar.......

Revised: Many thanks to Chuck Brite for updating config.txt to 2.5 version. Thanks to Bill Smith for config.txt file load queues and BNSF50 for her fine animated bogeys. Industry interactive flatcar with General Goods, Lumber, 20ft and 40ft Containers. A Jasc Paint Shop Pro Reskin of the Auran alias flatcar.

Appreciate any feedback.
HarborMaster Mixed Consist shown for Saw Mill Companies
Saw Mill View
SawMill Qeueu's Sheet
Saw Mill Product Sheet
Saw Mill Track Sheets
Saw Mill Processes Sheet
Saw Mill Conjoined Front View
Saw Mill area with Load/Unload Tracks shown

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However, if I want to Load the same Flatcare using the SawMill Properties List Page Submenu, using the SawMill Industry it only allows me to load 1 Coil on the Car

You should confirm which flatcar you are using - according to my system asset <kuid2:56063:180607:1> has been superceded by <kuid2:56063:180607:2> but it won't work anyway. Try a different flatcar.

Also, Small Sawmill,<kuid2:44700:27912:1> is a building that doesn't support product. You are probably using a generic industry track. Is that what you mean by 'SawMill Industry'?
Thanks,,and there's only one other BNSF flat car in my Content mgr under BNSF name Filter I used, In retrospect I'll have to look in inventory for some more flatcars to see if there is a difference. I might have posted the older one by mistake, as for the track, its called MultiIndustryNew I think......

But your info on Saw Mill makes sense, as Harbor Master is an older Route, and that's ok too, I'll try some other Industries out when i get to it to see if I can get more Product to load.

Appreciate the help.........
HarborMaster line is picking up business (Screenshots in High Resolution)

:cool:The HarborMaster R.R. has gotten it's Product Line improved and (thank goodness new Mgt has been assigned to the Yard) because with General Goods Dock coming in, the Railroad will bring in more Rolling Stock to handle the new business!
HarborMaster line is picking up business (Screenshots in High Resolution)

I went on Vacation, and came back to Harbor Master Yard after a week,, to find more POWER brought in, some new track leads, MOW Gang went through and realigned some bad spots in the switch points, were we had derailed in the past........Old Buildings removed in some places that outlived there Life, we needed the space for Semi Loads and unloading the Boxcars Etc, lots of traffic staged in the Yard, and oh, were going on 3 shifts now, one problem, I hope the crews have some extra lanterns for night, because it will be more difficult to see through the Yard with all extra cars they're bringing in.Our Yard hasn't been this busy in Years......Going to have to get some more Drivers to fill these the new Power they sent......Oh and wait till I tell some of the current Drivers they won't have extra days off........More work and more Hours, But I could use the pay...........Hope you like the pictures...........
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AeroTrain brought in to help out,Steamer is getting some needed Maimtenance time.
We have a New Passenger Train making the Rounds in Harbor Master area,,He's called the AeroTrain and the engineer has a Pilot with him to learn the Terrortory, because there are lots of Stub Tracks and Dead End Etc as they get into the Pier area. Much different than inland rails routes. Of we still offer the Steam Excursion, but my Steamer is buy getting his boiler and other required maintenance attended too!