ISO Load/unload command


LM3D Unload - Load passengers at Station <kuid:82348:2017001> is a driver command to load/unload passengers at a station. It works very well, but I'm looking for a driver command to unload/load products at a multi Industry. I have rail cars that are multi-purpose and need to unload at a stop and then load more product. In order to make this work the AI pulls into the industry and unloads. Then backs up to a marker and drives to the station again to load. It works, but not exactly what I would like to see happening.

Edit: Issuing the unload/load command back to back works IF the railcars don't move. If the entire consist (more railcars than fit in the multi ind asset), then unload/load definitely won't work without backing up. The LM3D unload/load works because most passenger terminals are long enough hold the entire train.

Does anyone know of a command to do what I'm look for or does anyone have a better solution?

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