problem whit content


General Robert. E. Lee

yestersay i installed a number of tram and the all work great. But now i cant see them or drive them:( :( dus enywone now what to do i already reinstalled the trams and removet the cache files

A few questions come to mind.

1) Are you running TRS2004 build 23xx version 2.4?

2) Some items from the DLS requires PaintShed as a dependency. Have you downloaded it, installed it, created an item with it, and have saved it?

3) Have you also checked the map for missing dependencies with a Program called TrainzObjectz

4) Do you have a KUID of the item that you are having problems with?


okee here come the anwsers

1) i got 2.2 sp2

2)this trams or not on the dsl and the are original collors but i have paintshed

3)the program duss not function correctly bycause hey is only sowing a few content

40) no but you can find the trams at

but as i already told there can be missing items bycause i played yesterday whit hte trams

2145 is the build nr

and mabby is inportent to now that i mowt trainz vrom my old pc to my external-harddisc

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Hi reinder
As Dave says the upgrade to SP4 will bring you up to the latest version of TRS04 this will not cause you a problem, as all previous items are compatible
Bob V