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Hi ...

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here as I can't see the answer.

I used to post lots of screenshots (10 years ago) and had no problems.
But I went to put some screenshots in a post today and they wont display when I submit them.

I have the images in JPG format on my own web host.
I attach them in the editor using the "insert image" button
The image appears fine in the editor....

But when I go to PREVIEW the post the image doesn't appear ... and when i SUBMIT the post the image does not appear

I am probably doing something pretty stupid ... but the fact that the image appears fine in the editor has me stumped

Hi Michael,

You are doing things the correct way. There's been some issues with the forums lately with posting images including posting them up to the My Trainz Gallery and then linking them here.

I took a look at the pics you uploaded, and Murchison 3 looks splendid! It's amazing what the new trees and textures can do for the route. I can't wait until it's ready but as they say good things happen in time rather than right away.
Thanks for your answer John... I found the problem... It appears that its a CHROME issue as as the images appear fine in FIREFOX

I have seen that before with Edge and Chrome, and I don't know what causes it, but I wish we could fix it. BTW, thank you for all your creations which still find a lot of use in Trainz!
PS - I also went and looked at your screenshots. Beautiful!
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Thank you, Michael for pointing out the source of the problem for many of us. As an Edge user, I have a Chromium based browser which suffers the same problem. With Firefox installed as well, I know what I need to do and wish N3V would fix the problem as Forester1 says.
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Hi Guys ... Thanks for all your comments

I had a reply from N3V and here is what they said.

Here is what they told me.....
I have had a look into this issue and its seems its down to the images being hosted on a non SSL domain. Chrome and some other browsers over the last couple of years have locked down heavily at serving up unencrypted content. I can see in the browser logs that chrome is attempting to upgrade your images to HTTPs but is failing as the certificate is not valid on the domain name where they are being hosted. There's a couple of options here.

1. If you own the domain and its commercially hosted there is probably a simple method to upgrade your site to have an SSL cert added. this is usually free and handle by a service like letsEncrypt. There should be something in your hosting control panel for it.
2. host the images in the Trainz Gallery and link to them from there as the gallery is HTTPS.

I tried hosting the images on TRAINZ GALLERY and they appear to display fine now...

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That makes sense. Thanks, it is good to know the reason. These sites need to realize that SSL is pretty much a requirement for security nowadays.
My site on GoDaddy required a cert a few years back. It is expensive (the latest is $99.50 / year) I host all my own images, so the cert is required in order to post. Both Firefox and Chrome display them fine.