potteries line


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Just wanting to ask a question about the new potteries line that is now available. The documentation for the signal boxes. Does that mean that that system is in use on the potteries line or is the documentation for future use for TANE? It looks very comprehensive.
The system is installed on the Potteries Loop Line route and there are 11 sessions using it which are also included.

If you have a look at the Documentation page on the PLL website there are a couple of videos you can download showing it in use (at the bottom of the page).
(These videos will be updated soon with a better resolution and sound.)
The sessions page in the 'About PLL' section lists the details of the sessions for Signal box.

I can't really say whether that is the case as I don't know all the details of what is planned for the T:ANE feature.

Signal Box was developed for TS12 independently of, and prior to the existence of, N3V's Interlocking Tower development for TANE. Signal Box was released close to the release of TANE CE as a result of the long delay in the release of PLL, and not because of any co-development of the Signal Box rule and the Interlocking Tower rule. The Signal Box rule may have to be updated, along with other PLL assets, to work with the "full" version of TANE to be released in February.
From what Ive read in your documents - and from watching the videos - it gives a whole new feel to the game. All I can say is congratulations. I shall be getting PLL later this week when funds are available :) great work guys.