Posts not appearing?

I posted a few posts in suggestion boxcar, all fair good, non rude or impossible sugestions (to my knowledge) but none of them have appeared....I havw made them a little while ago.... (as in days)
The Suggestion Boxcar is a moderator forum.
This means that all posts and threads are approved before being visable.
Its possible that the Mods have not approved your post yet.
Wait and it will be there as soon as they get to it. :D :)
Thats just it/ I've waited for A LONG TIME in so,me cases and still have seen nothing. in oine or 2 cases it is over a month old.
And I've been waiting for months for mine to appear.

Word of advise when posting in the over-moderated forum, write it, & check it & then save it. Might be best to save other important posts in other sections as well.
Mine, I posted one about Anti-Aliasing and other graphical features, and it never showed up ?


EDIT: I posted a thread in this forum sometime this morning, and its not here now, any ideas ?
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Strange, I get a "Sorry - No matches" result for the link you posted Alan.

The edit i made was for August 31st :hehe:

Sorry about this,

EDIT: Just checked my profile, and they are there ? I forgot about the UK AUS time gap :eek: Maybe they didn't show up until after many others were posted too, sorry again
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